FAQs Thank you for purchasing from Energy Efficient Lighting . If we can assist you in any way please call us, or Maybe your question can be answered below How can I contact EEL. Call  1-855-415-8878  or 905-415-8878 or send us an e-mail at customerservice2@eelighting.ca. What are your business hours Our hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. How long have you been in business We have been serving the lighting industry for over 27 years, first as Ultrasave Lighting limited, and now also as Energy Efficient lighting. We consolidated our efforts in 2017 to provide a wide spectrum of products and knowledge moving forward. How do I do business with EEL. EEL sells to trusted electrical distributors across Canada. While we do not deal direct with contractors or endusers, we are happy to direct you to a distributor in your area who sells EEL products. Call  1-855-415-8878  or 905-415-8878 for assistance. EEL also has agents who can assist outside of the Toronto area and within the US. You will find a listing of our agents on the website. In order to purchase from EEL please call our number and set up an account with us. How long dose it take once I have placed an order. Energy Efficient Lighting takes pride in a swift delivery time, which is often unmatched in the industry. We can ship most items within a 3 - 5 day period. For pick up orders the official wait time is 4 business hours. EEL is always ready to assist if there is an emergency order. What are my payment options. Customers pay with regular terms though cheque or can pay with credit card via Visa. Sales taxes apply and may vary between provinces, any additional fees such as shipping will apear on your final order. What are your return policies. EEL is happy accept returns that are deemed damaged or defective in any way . Please refer to our detailed return policy page. How can I get updates from your company. EEL sales reps are eager to keep you up to date on our products and pricing . If you are a customer distributor, industry client, or purchase from one we will be happy to place you on our mailing list and weekly e mail ecast. Can I visit your location. Our show room is open to anyone in the industry who would like to know more about  our operation, and see first hand our commitment. For security reasons you can simply call and arrange for a visit. Our head office is located in Markham Ontario