About Us

Why Us. With LED technology being relatively new, genuine claims of experience in it are rare. Along with a hand full of large corporations, Energy Efficient Lighting does stand apart from the newbie's. As we celebrate over 27 years in the industry, we continue to provide quality  backed by experience to our dedicated customers both old and new. Our Benefit. We’ve been working with the benefits of LED, not just from a cost effective stand point, but from an environmental view also. Our business maintains an active responsibility to future generations and therefor is a business to believe in. YOUR BENEFITS. A staff totally excited about the product is a huge part of our offering. We have seen our company grow from providing the power to give light , to the ability to create light that is good, inexpensive, and conserves energy. We act fast. Due to our unique positioning in the LED market, EEL offers an extremely fast turn around time compared to our competitors. Our normal time frame for made to order is just 5 days.  Being of mid size our performance is driven by our customers demand and not the other way around. We gladly provide help and guidance to those who need it, with the hope that they purchase EEL products from reputable distributors. large enough to support a reliable inventory management system, we can anticipate the demand and fulfill orders in a timely manner. Because we have vast knowledge in  fluorescent lamp , compact fluorescent, and the ballasts and drivers that power them we can offer the best solutions in the most cost effective way. Many of our products are powered by EEL’ s own manufactured “Ultrasave” brand. Energy Efficient Lighting is a licenced UL manufacturer, assembling most of our products right here in Canada.