TF-SS Troffer Luminaire

TF-SS Troffer Luminaire

Model Number TF54LED04-SS
The TF-SS LED Troffer is an energy efficient low profile luminaire offering excellent performance for general applications such as offices, schools, heath care and retail. Featuring a frosted prismatic lens for visual comfort, the TF-SS uses high efficient LED source for maximum reliability.

0-10V Dimming Driver (-D) | 120M/347V
ULT- HC419V        Tri-level Dimming Control | 120-277V
ULT - HC419S       ON/OFF Sensor Control   | 120-277V

TF54/80 LED LENS | Lens for TF54/80 (Frosted)
TFK-2x4 | Flange Kit for 2x4 Troffer



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• Source: LED

• CRI: 80
• Installation: Molex® Connectors - easy to install
• Drivers and modules powered by: Ultrasave

• Certification:      




Size 48 inches
Watts 43
Lumens 4,675
Colour Temperature 4,000K
Volts 120M / 347
Hours Rated Premium LED modules are rated at 180,000 hours @85°C
Finish Rugged one piece design
Lens / Diffuser Acrylic prismatic refractor
Colour White
Warranty 5 years
Status Standard
Dimmable YES